British long-haired Cats.
British long-haired Cats.

It is only today, long-haired breed of cat hair that does not require any special care, not prone to toppling in molting and mats. Attention! This coat is only found in the long-haired British thoroughbred breeding without cast-in other breeds. They also immensely affectionate, in contrast to their short-haired counterparts. It really is the perfect cat! Mandatory condition of registration of British long-haired cats on the active register and guarantee excellent quality of breed, is the absence of pedigree breeds other than the British, at least in 4 generations. Abroad, the British already have a long-haired, with 3 generations of British long-haired ancestors in Russia, unfortunately, is rare. Basically - it's two short-haired cats from the British.


This is not new, but long recognized and are not justly discriminated old breed. Long-haired kittens in a litter of British shorthair began to appear long after the pilot stud with Persian cats. The first such matings have begun breeders United Kingdom, the authors of the British breed, ever since the First World War. Since the gene has been introduced long hair. This recessive gene can be suppressed by the dominant influence and manifest in the phenotype, it is capable of expression determined by their sign only if it is in conjunction with the corresponding recessive gene. If he is paired with a dominant gene, it does not manifest itself as a dominant gene suppresses it. The properties represented by recessive genes, the phenotype seen in offspring only if both parents have recessive gene is present.

After a series of matings with the Persians, the British, the authors of the breed was banned, and began to clean the pedigrees of these hybrids from ancestors of the Persians, leaving at a dilution of the most successful short-producers. As a result, many retired from breeding hybrids moved to breeders in Europe, America and the USSR. Not everyone followed this example, a simplified type of descendants, again began to pump up the Persians. Unfortunately, despite long-standing ban on breeding of British cats from other breeds, it continues to this day.

Interbreeding led to a much more unpleasant consequences for the British rock than the long hair gene. Become soft elastic springy wool skull asymmetry emerged, wry mouth, dome-shaped head, deep depressions on the bridge (stop). The problems arose not from the fact that the Persians and Exotic cats passed by the British these shortcomings (and the Persians, and Exotic beautifully and harmoniously composed with great cat-muscled and strong bones). This is a side effect of out-crossing (crossing two different breeds).

Standard CABG and LH Britain has only one difference - the length of the hair. The question of the breed took place or not has no jurisdiction, it equally can be classified as short-and long-haired to the British. All breed advantages and disadvantages are present in both SH and LH from the British in equal measure.
Because of the long hybridization in a British breed of cats, there was a split in too many rock types, each of which has its drawbacks and advantages, which does not prevent all of them meet the standard. Gone was the homogeneity of rock type, personality, appearance of the breed.

To maintain a unique image of British shorthair with both short and with long hair, should be excluded from breeding hybrids, and continue to pursue matings with long-haired long-haired only, and short-haired with a British Shorthair.

Great contribution to the development of the breed, breeders have made in Europe. This is primarily Werkgroep Erkenning Brits LangHaar. Despite the lack of recognition of Britain's long-long-haired, these breeders have consistently and selflessly for many years continued to promote this breed. Honor and praise them. European breeders have now been there three generations of producers with long-haired Britons, in a very respectable pedigree type.

Recognition of the British long-haired breed took place very slowly and in great pain. Different felinology system recognizing British longhaired breed, treated the subject differently. For example, TICA, recognizing the long-haired British in 2004 as an experimental breed, just introduced a ban on breeding British Shorthair with a long coat, and allowed to breed only purebred (4th generation), the British, and WCF, finding them in January 2009 immediately on the active register, such restrictions are not met, although matings with shorthaired may soon be banned. I think the reason for mating with the British Shorthair is that long hair was not so much at the moment of recognition. And, of course, the purpose of such matings to obtain the same variety of colors, like the British Shorthair. With regard to the breeding with other breeds, if they hold and then break the rules, or hold on to register an experimental set of four tribes of only British ancestors.

Now the British Longhair cat breed (Britanica) recognized with the 2002 European Group Cat Association, TICA in 2004 adopted a longhaired group (BRI LH) from the British cats, now the British cats in TICA are divided into two groups: short-haired and longhaired. Since 2009, officially recognized by the WCF (BLH). Resulted in the information only for large feline systems, and in fact there are so many different independent, but internationally recognized systems.

Now the British Longhair win at the major international ring. Many of them excel in their short-haired breed type counterparts.

The popularity of the breed is growing. This can be judged by the number of queries "British Longhair" in the search engines and the number of nurseries, dealing only with this breed.

Many are impressed unusually affectionate disposition longhaired British, which is rarely seen in their short-haired fellow. And they, in truth, a unique wool and not prone to tangles and has no undercoat cotton - a real gift for fans of the long-haired breeds, which had refused to purchase long-haired cats because of the complicated grooming. For them, long-haired British - just the perfect cat!

In the near future I would like to see Britain's long-haired, with a pedigree of at least 4-generation only long-haired British ancestors, harmony, compliant, with good structure of wool, for its trouble-free, is not inferior to their short-haired coat brethren, and of course, is the same variety of colors. And spoil their angelic nature is impossible.

The author Tipikina Galina, owner of the cattery British Shorthair Ridolina August 8, 2008.

OUR NURSERY LIVE TV CHANNEL "TRUST" tells of the BRITISH longhaired cat.



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