Pamfilov Konstantin Dmitrievich.
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The Soviet state and economic figure. Its name is appropriated Academies of a municipal services in Moscow and street in Smolensk. A post: the Vice-president of Advice of National Commissioners of RSFSR.
on May, 25th, 1901 was born in family of the employee.
Per 1918 has entered in RKP (b).
With 1918 for 1921 worked in Duhovnicheskiy Revkom Smolensk province and in district executive committee.
Participated in Civil war.
In 1921 accepted active participation in suppression of the Kronstadt revolt In
1923 has ended Rabfak at Smolensk university,
Per 1924-1927 studied at faculty of the Soviet right of the Moscow university,
In 1927-1937 .. - on responsible work in Mossovet.
With 1937 the chief of Central administrative board of housing and communal services Narkomhos RSFSR.
With 1938 the national commissioner of a municipal services of RSFSR, the deputy of the Supreme body of RSFSR I of convocation (1938-1943).
In 1940 It is appointed by the vice-president of Advice of National Commissioners of RSFSR the decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of RSFSR I of convocation.
On May, 5th 1942, in connection with a long absence of Chairman RSFSR I.S.Hohlova, duties of Chairman of Advice of National Commissioners of RSFSR are temporarily assigned to K.D.Pamfilova, the Decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of RSFSR I 1 (, . C-385, . 1, . 369, . 370)
During Great Domestic war was the vice-president of Advice on evacuation and the head of department on evacuation of the population in east areas of the country.
On May, 2nd 1943 has suddenly died in Moscow. Ashes It is buried  in Moscow, on the Red Area, in the Kremlin wall.
1 Decision on putting on of duties of Chairman RSFSR on K.D.Pamfilova is lead by interrogation of members of Presidium on May, 5th, 1942 and published in the newspaper of "News" on May, 6th, 1942 in section "Chronicle" without date of signing.
2 Contrary to the information in some biographic editions, including the Greater Soviet encyclopedia, K.D.Pamfilov continued to hold a post of vice-president RSFSR till the moment of its death on May, 2nd, 1943, instead of per 1940-1942 See See the necrologue in "Truth" from May, 3rd, 1943 ("... Vice-president RSFSR has suddenly died... ") Sources: the Greater Soviet encyclopedia. 3 .; "truth", 1943, on May, 3rd (necrologue).

on May, 25th 1901, with. Mamonovo Smolensk province, district Jartsevskij - on May, 2nd 1943, Moscow