In a basis of cattery the best manufacturers of the British breed. Cattery Ridolina.
The basis of the best producers of the British Kennel Breed: Bagoas, Argenta, Muspilli, Blauen Saphir, Diaspora, Deep Lake.
Kennel Ridolina was registered in 1995 in the International League of Feline IPC IMAGE, my-law, Reed Pamfilov Konstantinovich, a remarkable man, a doctor of technical sciences, the author of many inventions, the son of Pamfilova Konstantin Minister of Public Utilities of the RSFSR, Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR
first British cat with a complete pedigree was Lettie Teevie Joy (BRIn). Father: GICH Bagoas Pirandello from the Dutch kennel Bagoas. Mother: Dayana Deep Lake (BRIn) from the Czech Republic. This cat has given numerous offspring of superior quality.
In December 1996, died Reed Konstantinovich. All animals were assigned to the kennel to relatives and friends. Was left alone pregnant Letty.
January 10, 1997 she gave birth to kittens. One kitten - Aramis, British cat black dog from this litter stayed with us. It all began ...
Now kennel Ridolina registered in
Interregional Public Organization Cat Club Kurtshaar, Chairman - Solomatina Nina , one of the most experienced and talented breeders of Russia. Her famous British short-haired cat - Grand International Champion Bagoas Pirandello, was removed from the best European nursery Bagoas, had a magnificent show quality, which gave her numerous descendants in the entire post-Soviet space. Many breeders of British breeds of cats have a sense of deep gratitude and respect to Nina Nikolaevna and her invaluable contribution to the development of British breeds of cats in Russia. In nursery Ridolina in breeding involving only British breed cats continuum, without pattern, blue and black colors.
You can buy both short-and long-haired kittens UK . British longhaired cat won my heart! They are fantastic! By kindness surpassed their UK short-haired counterparts. Their excellent long hair never falls down, as in other long-haired breeds. Most people are just such a perfect cat!
Cattery Ridolina - monopedigree, closed (all matings are carried out only inside the kennel). This guarantee the purity of the breed and the health of my manufacturers and their offspring!
Kennel British cats RIdolina located in urban apartment in Moscow.
In nursery Ridolina British cat and their kittens roam freely around the home, not contained in the cells.
They created the most comfortable conditions. This high-quality playing facilities, sunbeds, avtodrink programmable avtofeed, houses and toilets from the best manufacturers of Pet Supplies.
The diet British cats nursery Ridolina only high quality and nutritious meat (beef, poultry and sea fish) and milk (cream, cottage cheese, cheese) products, the best grain-free high-calorie food super premium (Orijen) prepared from products intended for humans that is compatible with natural food, drinking water utility (Royal).
In nursery British cats Ridolina held daily cleaning and cleaning accessories.
In nursery British cats Ridolina routine treatment of ecto-and endo-parasites will only be safe and effective for warm-blooded.
Health British cats nursery Ridolina is under the constant supervision of an experienced veterinarian.
Average frequency of litters each British cat in the nursery Ridolina complies with the maintenance and breeding of cats. During this time the cat is able to fully regain strength after childbirth and breastfeeding kittens .

Code of Ethics breeder. General conditions and breeding of cats

Genera British cats in the nursery Ridolina are under control, in my presence.
Postnatal cat with kittens holds a specially equipped comfortable house, under my constant supervision.
My British kittens come to your home fully prepared. They are accustomed to composting toilets, scratching posts, playgrounds, in the course of the game do not scratch the hands of the owner, are located to communicate with a person, affectionate and playful, have a balanced character and not afraid of the noise of home appliances.
Each British kitten Ridolina kennel club registration and is entitled to receive a family tree based on the metrics obtained in aktirovanii, given the pedigree value.
Currently in the pedigree of my British kittens five generations - only UK shorthair cat . This suggests that neither they nor their offspring did not manifest signs of mixed breeds, such as a stop (the deep depression of the nose at eye level, the legacy of the Persians and exotics), muscular dystrophy (hanging belly, slowness of movements, inability to jump), narrow and flat chest, cow hocks of hind limbs, flat profile of the head, neck beveled, fused vertebrae, and so defects.
Should be remembered that Thoroughbred British kittens did not gain weight due to fat, but at the expense of muscle mass.
The peak of their form British breed cats reach to five years, and British cat after the second birth.
Due to late development British cats , the average length of life of 15 years.
Even in old age British cat keep fit and youthful look.
We'll have to be patient and wait out your British kitten will grow gorgeous representativeBritish breed, because the latest development - is one of the indicators of pure blood and belonging to the most perfect and aristocratic British breed of cats!

British Shorthair



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