Preparation for the arrival FLATS KITTEN.



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Preparation for the arrival FLATS KITTEN.

1. Equip the windows to prevent falls from heights. Unfortunately, ordinary mosquito nets fall along with the cats on the street.
Their hardware is not designed for such loads. They can enhance the fine-mesh grille. Balcony will also have to glaze or not to release him a kitten. Vertical transom opening is very dangerous for cats. The photo shows what can happen to a cat, climbing through the gap a transom.
Nets antikoshka or Petscreen serve to protect the premises from the insects and protect pets from fallout from the windows. Nets look like an ordinary antikoshka Framework mosquito nets are installed on the outside of the window and not interfere with the operation of a shutter. The material itself is a grid high-alloy stainless steel (12X18H10T) with a mesh size of 0.5 mm x 0.25 mm and 0.32 mm thick filaments or fibers with a mesh size of 1mm x 2mm. The principle of the attachment antikoshka the same as the normal framework of mosquito nets, but the corners of the (brackets), not plastic, and metal. Nets antikoshka removable. To set the grid for at least two mullions, which are attached not by the cord, and screw on tightly. Depending on temperament, strength and weight of the connecting parts of a cat or apply plastic or metal. Handles for the installation / removal of metal mesh, are attached firmly to the screw.

2. Conduct cleaning in the apartment. Now available is a great tool for disinfection - PARVO-VIRUCIDE, antiviral DISINFECTANTS. This is a concentrated disinfectant. Specially formulated formula against organisms causing parvovirus, plague, rabies, influenza, cough captive, panleukopenia, e.koli, salmonella, ringworm. Manufacturer: The Animal Health Care Co Ltd. (England).
Also well established domestic product "Zoosan" - cleaner, disinfectant, of which
includes the latest dezinfikant Biopag.

3. Close access to places harmful for a kitten, because of its size.

4. Remove household chemicals, corrosive agents, poisons and medicines out of reach of the kitten place.

5. Remove street shoes, clothes, bags, umbrellas, keys and wallets. This - the source of infection for a kitten.

6. Move houseplants out of reach of the kitten place. He will break them, and they can be poisonous to him.

6. Identify areas for feeding, playing and toilet kitty. You can not combine them together. However, these areas should be accessible to the kitten.

7. Get everything you need to hold a kitten on the recommendations of the breeder.

8. Get the feed industry and organic foods on the recommendations of the breeder.

The author - the owner of the Moscow cattery British Shorthair "Ridolina", Tipikina Halina.

Due to frequent incidents of domestic INJURIES - Animal Health


Х Washing Machine
Before you turn on the washing machine, clothes dryer, dishwasher - always check in advance, not a cat turned into a filling chamber nook.
Also check the basket of dirty laundry before loading - cats often fall asleep in it.
Х Doors
All the doors in the apartment and cabinet doors, the refrigerator must be smoothly opened and closed - cats often lie close to them or sit on top in the open.
If you are using a sliding furniture, be careful if you set it, or roll up
sofa / chair-bed!
Х First aid kit
Many drugs are very dangerous for cats, such as paracetamol and aspirin are fatal to cats, and no-spa can cause paralysis of the hind limbs!
Home first aid kit should not be available for cats, pet buy medication vetaptekah / clinics and provide strictly prescribed by vet!
NEVER attempt to independently (without appointments veterinarian) to treat / anthelmintic drugs for cat people, even significantly reducing the dose!
Also keep in mind that glistogonka conducted strictly according to instructions to the drug and the exact dose, depending of type of animal weight.
Х Plants
At home in the country and cats can have plants that are poisonous to them. The cat may not know about it myself! At our forum names of poisonous plants are listed.
In pet stores always have a special sale in the grass for cats.
Х Electrical wire
Catching your pet with a wire from on the appliance as soon as possible pull the plug out, do not try to pull his first breath, because cat can squeeze much teeth and bite through the cable, resulting in a severe electrical shock. Grounding byt.tehniki trust only the professionals!
Х Kitchen
For the upcoming cat food can jump on a hot stove and get severe burns! Overturn a hot kettle or make you drop a pot of soup, mingling underfoot. Bowls animal must stand at a considerable distance from the plate. Do not disregard to thaw fish, meat substrates and in a plastic bag - even a small piece of material, swallowed the cat can be fatal! Bin, even having a lid, also should not be available for cats. Bowls cats must be stainless steel or ceramic and wash detergent. means it is not necessary, normal variant is a common baking soda, all washes and leaves no odor, it is important for the cat.
Х Trivia
Spools of thread, needles, pins, jewelry, small pieces of children's designers, Christmas, "rain", tinsel, streamers, confetti, or small breakable tree ornaments, Christmas trees themselves (cats can chew, both living and artificial branches), etc. d.
If all the same cat swallowed a thread, "rain", etc. and they stick out from it (no matter from where) -
NEVER pull them out of the cat! It is dangerous for her! (Read more HERE - PUSH.)
Take it carefully.
Х Chemistry
Cleaners, glue, paint, "antimol" and other means to combat pests, as well as jars without lids with cosmetic - should not be available. Dangerous and sprays hair / nails, perfume, air freshener - the animal can be poisoned by inhalation of these funds.
Cats almost never etched spoiled food - they simply will not eat.
But if a substance has got them on their feet, face or hair - be sure to slizhut during washing.
So: do not smeared puddle of kittens bleach and vinegar, rinse thoroughly clean. and cleaning. material after cleaning sinks and bathtubs, do not leave in an accessible place for animals rags and sponges with the remnants of him.veschestv and treat this more closely, making repairs in the apartment, processing premises of insects, handling agents / fertilizer plants at home / in the country and etc.
Х Fillers Tray
Please note that some of the kittens / cats / cats can eat the filling tray!
Especially dangerous if you eat the lumps, unavoidable problems with the digestive system, including a bowel obstruction!
For small kittens fit nekomkuyuschiysya wood, which disintegrates in the use of sawdust.
Lumps (if eating) ONLY under the grate, and only if 100% of animals will not be able to remove it yourself.
Х Windows
Looking at how smart cats climb and walk on the edge, for many the impression that they did not happen. In fact, it's absolutely not true!
Cat animal and regardless of her age and intelligence may be tempted to flying birds, insects, snowflakes in winter ... They do not feel dangerous heights, instinct drives them to hunt and jump! Cases falling cats are very common, and therefore not worth the risk - this fall will not work for your pet without a trace, no matter what floor you live, windows should be equipped with a protective solid metal or plastic mesh, which can be purchased at the construction and horticultural markets. Conventional mosquito nets will not work because cats are very easy to rip it.
If the balcony is not glazed, it should not open and release the cat back.
Plastic windows and vents of special design, opening upwards, can be deadly: when trying to jump out the window a cat could get stuck in the doorway and get a serious injury and even death. It is better to build in such a special window stop and open it only a few inches to a cat's head could not pass in the slot! If you need to ventilate the area, please cover the cat in another room!
Х Street
Also keep in mind that walking on the street do not want a cat, and very dangerous! Cars, dogs, crows and very common zhivoderstva! It was in the street cats can become infected with deadly viruses, rabies!
If you came to friends or relatives - spend talking with them and tell them that they did not open the windows and doors when the cat is indoors. It is particularly important to explain it to children and teach them how to do, contact with a cat. Very often children are trying to cram them into toy cars, baby carriages, wrapped in something that can feed the clay or otstrich "extra" hair with a piece of skin!
For cats these games end up with different injuries and often tragically!
Teach your children to love and compassion.
NOT YOUR condemns indifference ANIMAL - ON THE PAIN AND DEATH!
COMPASSION - makes us human ...

"Veterinary WARNING!