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Rambler's Top100 Яндекс цитирования

View ads about selling kittens affects the spread of prices. At roll call sellers kittens at low prices, it appears that most of the proposals for a low price - deceit, to which recourse is to disrupt the more calls, and try to sell more expensive than the specified price or "kotoferma," type "birds". Particularly "gifted" posing as reputable clubs and nurseries, undermining their credibility. Some of them have websites with links to clubs that do not exist or where they are. Once I called a young woman who became blohasto and zaglistovannogo kitten with a metric solid club that I put into a light trance. By checking the phone number from the metric, with the phone the club, I realized it was fake. I do not know what else there is a bouquet of diseases in this poor kitten. And how many calls from owners of dead kittens in their care vbuhali huge sums. If in your plans do not include sponsorship of brutal killers of animals, you need to know:

1. The main sign of overbought and fraud - the low price of kittens. Anything below $ 200 can be safely attributed to this category. $ 200 minimum price kitten PET grade with visible defects in color, bite, etc. British kittens breed class with no visible cost of $ 500, kittens show class from $ 1,000. If you offer kittens with no papers, no matter the price, it's just crooks. If you call an ad with a low price, and you said that these kittens are not, it's welcome, which often use middlemen. Unfortunately, the $ 500 you can buy a kitten from dealers in false documents.
2. Another sign of fraud - stolen photos. They use photos of kittens that are stolen from the nursery sites or bulletin boards. They are usually reduced to a micro-sized identification marks to the nursery or message boards are not visible, or no markings. When you arrive, and instead referred to the photo kittens, you will see a very different, run without looking back.
3.Chastaya change mobile phones, names, names of nurseries, the locations also feature dealers.
4. Do dealers usually a large number of kittens of different colors, and even rocks, and no adult cats, and especially cats, because they have no time to remove labels, or there, but if you imagine that each of their cats give birth to these kittens is , we could not give birth to so many of those colors and ages, that they offer. The exception to this rule - alimony kittens, but then the presence of their father in the nursery need. Ask for copies of the pedigrees of the parents kitten.
5. Dealers do not show up pedigrees of parents and nursery certificate, or show false no-nos.
If there is a number, you can check their authenticity. Inscribe is already dead or retired from breeding.
6. Need to figure out which club is registered nursery, is there a club in reality? Call and ask about it in the kennel club, a club in feline or organization in the state register of legal entities. Read the sample documents in the club, which is registered nursery, to avoid fakes.
6. Do not believe the breeders who spits on kittens from other catteries, and impose their kittens or their friends. This is a gross violation of ethics breeder. It happens that comment on other people's ads on bulletin boards, to remove a competitor. Cat forums at this practice also in vogue.
7. What type of kennel you choose? Mnoporodny closed. This kennel has been breeding only one breed, and Males are closed for mating, which ensures the purity of the breed and the health of pets. Simply put your cat kennel is producing, rather than carting their cats for breeding to other people's cats.
8. Find out how old the kittens are sold? Only speculators and unscrupulous breeders sell kittens suckling age.
9. What diet? Ideally bezzernovye feed of products aimed at people that are compatible with a natural food - beef, poultry and dairy products. Ask what food use and where to buy? Kennels registered dealers feed. You can check out.
10. Pay attention to the conditions of detention. Whether there is overcrowding of animals? Must be clean. The room should be spacious enough, with natural lighting and ventilation, equipped with toilets, playgrounds, avtopoilkami, avtokormushkami. Dealers and would-be breeders will not splurge on such luxuries. Often, dealers and unscrupulous breeders offering kittens delivered to hide the terrible conditions of detention.
11. Look at the ancestors in the pedigrees of the parents kittens? Purebred producers have at least 4-generations of ancestors only British Shorthair (breed of British code BRI). The presence of other breeds in the pedigree suggests that before you bastard, not a British cat. Beware of imitations. Usually gives you the pedigree of the club in exchange for the metric, which gave the same club after aktirovaniya breeder kittens. If the metric of a kitten is not registered in the club, it is clear that the lineage will be lime. It happens that the club has just come up and it does not exist. Congratulations! You have got into the clutches of fraudsters.
12. How often have knitted? The interval between litters is not less than 3 months.
13. What supporting documents for a kitten? Typically, this metric, the contract, the management of content. Metric should be mandatory. Kitten breeders in good faith without documents do not sell. The metric gives the club, it has a number and issue date, stamp and signature of the president of the club, information about parents kitten (their nicknames, codes breed and color), information about a kitten (a nickname, birth date, gender, color code and breed). Check whether there is such a club and call back to find out whether he gave a metric on a kitten (nickname, breed, sex, color, date of birth, parents' data) under this number? Fakes sea!
Remember, only having the documents in a kitten, you will be able to claim the breeder. Supervises the work of a breeder's club.
14. Price kitten depends on the conditions and quality kittens, that is individual for each kitten. Prices for kittens in one litter can vary greatly, depending on their quality and conditions of sale and other factors. Typically, most kittens are born in the kennel breed class.
 15. If you offer to buy nursing a kitten, without documents or face the fake photos on the seller kittens are not available, and photos stolen from other breeders, if you do not show up pedigrees of parents, if specified price increases for a kitten when you view it, If no adult cats or kittens of their colors and age is clearly not match the amount and color of adult cats, then you have come to grief-dealers or breeders.
16. Before resent the prices for kittens in nurseries of Moscow, find out how many there are professional food, supplies and veterinary care. And do not forget that in the nursery, as a rule, not a cat with kittens.
Respect the work of the breeder!
17. If you have decided that to anything so splurge on a kitten in the nursery and bought it on the bird or kotoferme, then you should not shout to the world that you have a cool Brit for a half-penny, and give advice to friends, sending them to dealers. You're lucky, this purebred kitten survived. A lot of people and cats have suffered. Bought for a penny a sick kitten, then vbuhali in diagnosis and treatment of not less than the price SHOW kitten in the kennel, and even more, and as a result of lost kitten, and then another year will not be able to find yourself a new out of fear of infection, because some viruses pose a threat to the new kitten for a long time and are resistant to almost all disinfectants.
18. Each bought a kitten cruel traders - an incentive for them. Demand creates supply. You become the accomplices of the killers of animals. REMEMBER! Giving them money - you doom the animals to cruel death!