At what age does a kitten BUY?

I, as owner of the cattery British Shorthair Ridolina often have to answer this question.
I'll tell you how the development and education of kittens in my cattery Ridolina.

1. At the age of one month kittens begin to defecate on their own (without the aid of the mother). It is necessary to monitor
their behavior. It was in the nursery must pass this important process is to accustom to the tray. In the nursery Ridolina final consolidation of acquired skills ends rather quickly, but requires constant supervision by the breeder. It is important that the tray was in an accessible place for them, but away from the place of a meal.
Kittens nursery Ridolina leave nursery, accustomed to the toilets, playgrounds, and avtokormushke avtopoilke. This is a rather complex and laborious process. But it's worth it. In contrast to the bins, toilets can fully protect your apartment from the odor! It is hygienic and comfortable for the cats and their owners. Avtokormushka - your assistant! In your absence, it will issue the specified portion of food on a schedule and notify the pet in your voice that "Bon appetit!". Avtopoilku love all cats. It is always clean water, flowing fountain, enriched with oxygen.
At the same age (1 month) kittens nursery Ridolina start receiving complementary foods.
Frequency of feeding (feeding of meat and dairy products other than mother's milk), a kitten in the kennel Ridolina:
- 1 month - 5 times a day
- 2 months - 4 times a day
- 2.5 months - 3 times a day
- 3 months - 2 times a day.
Dry feed the kittens begin to try somewhere in the 6 weeks, first by a few granules, and then more.
This suggests that the normal feeding should always be a kitten at home and cook meals for him, do not forget that in your house it will not get mother's milk, and you have to fill this gap in the diet with additional servings of dairy products.
The most important principle in the cultivation of the kittens in the nursery Ridolina: "The longer the kitten will receive mother's milk, the stronger it will grow!"

2. It is also worth noting that only the acquisition of kittens after 6 months completely eliminates the error in determining the bite, cryptorchidism, color deficiencies and other defects.

3. I understand the desire of most consumers to purchase small kittens kitten, round and fluffy, not podroschennogo and angular. But this is not a toy that can be put on the shelf and play and forget. After all, it will still grow, it's an inevitable process. The main thing to understand if you're ready to put on their shoulders the responsibility for someone else's life and health. Can you give it the necessary attention. If YES, please buy a small plush miracle! If NO, then it is better to buy a kitten podroschennogo ... The more so that you can book at any age, even before birth.

I hope that helped you to decide at what age it is better to buy a kitten.
If you have any questions, try to answer, please!

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